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If you have kids, we have things to do.

Trunk Or Treat September 25, 2011

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Please let me know any of your church Trunk Or Treat schedules. I would love to post them on my blog.


Knoxmoms.com September 20, 2011

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Knoxmoms.com (affiliated with the Knoxville News Sentinel) must have decided they weren’t making enough money off the site and switched to Facebook only. Which is interesting since Facebook is free and user-generated, but totally out of KNS’s hands and control. To a large extent, they abandoned their control and revenue possiblities from Knoxmoms.com. Most of the content is still available on Facebook, and it isn’t a problem, but they had the most recognized and best calendar in town. A new website has started called Family Friendly Knoxville, and while I know nothing about the site, they are trying to cultivate a good calendar. As my children get older, I have less interest and time in keeping up a good calendar. We do the things we want to do, but I have less time to search all over town for interesting activities. The link to her calendar is here – http://familyfriendlyknoxville.com/events-calendar/ and we will see how it all goes. We all start blogs and websites with wonderful aspirations of making something valuable to the community, but also with the possibility of making some money off of them. If the website didn’t make enough with the Knoxville News Sentinel behind it you have to make it a labor of love. I have not made one cent off the blogs I write in the past two years, so if you wonder why they aren’t updated regularly, that does make a difference. Good luck Family Friendly Knoxville.