What To Do With Kids

If you have kids, we have things to do.

Things to do November 29, 2010

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While Knoxmom’s missed a few items, this is a pretty complete list of things to do with all details. I hope to find time to post the few things I know they missed. Enjoy, and thanks Ali!  Click here to check out their Holidays Made Easy post.


Holiday Express November 16, 2010

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Have you been to the Holiday Express at the UT Gardens? It is a must-do if you have boys, and the girls also love it. My biggest suggestion is to go near dusk, so you can see it at night. This picture is from our trip.

Holiday ExHoliday Express Logopress, presented by UT Gardens and Mark Fuhrman Complete Landscape Services drew more than 8,500 visitors this year, raising public awareness and support for the UT Gardens. Because of the success, creator Mark Fuhrman has agreed to partner with the Gardens again next holiday season to bring back the event.


Pigeon Forge Winterfest November 2, 2010

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The 21st annual Pigeon Forge Winterfest kicks off  in Patriot Park, on November 9th.  Winterfest Kickoff is the beginning of three and a half months of holiday music, lights and special events. For more information, or details about the Winterfest Trolley Tour of Lights you can click here.

Picture from http://travelguide.reservepigeonforge.com/.