What To Do With Kids

If you have kids, we have things to do.

Indoor Mini-golf June 21, 2010

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Did you know they have mini-golf at Knoxville Center. The Lunar Mini Golf is where Old Navy was down by Sears. For $8, $6 for those under $5, you can play up to three games. It is a nice cool place for these hot summer days. Visit their website here. They also have birthday parties. For $60 they have a 90 minute party with unlimited golf for up to 10 players.

While you are there, grab your school coupon book and get the buy two, get one free pretzels at Auntie Anne’s and let your kids play on the indoor playground.


You’re a Good Man June 16, 2010

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Erin Youth Players

 The Erin Stage Company is pleased to provide an outlet for local teens interested in theatre and needing opportunities to learn and to perform in a supportive, constructive, and self-affirming environment. 2009 marks the Erin Youth Players’ sixth season! Our productions are open to any and all local middle school and high school students who want to audition. We hire talented Directors and use local talent to stage manage, design sets, costumes, sound and lighting, and we produce high quality community theatre on a very tight budget – not quite Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney transform farmer Brown’s barn – but close!

On Stage June 18-20, 2010

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Book, Music & Lyrics by Clark Gesner
Based on the characters created by cartoonist Charles M. Schulz in his comic strip Peanuts.

Due to construction at Erin, this show will be presented at
Westminster Presbyterian Church.


It’s “an average day in the life of Charlie Brown.” A day made up of little moments picked from all the days of Charlie Brown, from Valentine’s Day to the baseball season, from wild optimism to utter despair, all mixed in with the lives of his friends (both human and non-human) and strung together on the string of a single day, from bright uncertain morning to hopeful starlit evening. 

It seems to start off all right. After some brief comments on the nature of his character by his friends, Charlie Brown is swept into their center by a rousing tribute of only slightly qualified praise, in the song You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. He is then left to his own musings as he eats his lunch on the school playground, complicated unbearably by the distant presence of his true love, the “little redheaded girl,” who is always just out of sight. 

True love also seems to be the only unmanageable element in Lucy’s solid life, which we discover as we watch her try to bulldoze her way through to her boyfriend’s sensitive, six-year-old musician’s heart, in Schroeder. The little scenes then begin to accumulate, and we learn that Lucy’s little brother, Linus, is thoughtful about many things but fanatical when it comes to the matter of his blanket; that Patty is sweet and utterly innocent; and that Charlie Brown’s dog spends much if not most of his time thinking of being something else-a gorilla, a jungle cat, perhaps a handsome trophy or two-but that mostly his life is a pleasant one-Snoopy. 

The events continue to trickle on. Linus enjoys a private time with his most favorite thing of all –My Blanket and Me, Lucy generously bothers to inform him of her ambition-of-the-moment, to become a queen with her won queendom, and then Charlie Brown lurches in for still another bout with his own friendly enemy –The Kite. 

Valentine’s Day comes and goes with our hero receiving not one single valentine, which brings him to seek the temporary relief of Lucy’s five-cent psychiatry booth-The Doctor Is In. 

We then watch as four of our friends go through their individual struggles with the homework assignment of writing a hundred word essay of “Peter Rabbit” in The Book Report

Act Two roars in with Snoopy lost in another world atop his dog house. As a World War One flying ace he does not bring down the infamous Red Baron in today’s battle but we know that someday, someday he will. 

The day continues. We learn of the chaotic events of the Very Little League’s Baseball Game as Charlie Brown writes the news to his pen pal. Lucy is moved to conduct a personal survey to find out just how crabby she really is, and all the group gathers for a misbegotten rehearsal of a song they are to sing in assembly. 

It is suppertime, and Snoopy once more discovers what wild raptures just the mere presence of his full supper dish can send him into. And then it is evening. The gathered friends sing a little about their individual thoughts of happiness and then they go off, leaving Lucy to make a very un-Lucy-like gesture: she tells Charlie Brown what a good man he is. 

None of the cast is actually six years old. And they don’t really look like Charles Schulz’ “Peanuts” cartoon characters. But this doesn’t seem to make that much difference once we are into the play, because what they are saying to each other is with the openness of that early childhood time, and the obvious fact is that they are all really quite fond of each other. 


Performance Schedule


Friday, June 18
7:30 pm
Saturday, June 19
2:00 pm
7:30 pm
Sunday, June 20
2:00 pm

Anne of Green Gables

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The Word Players present Anne of Green Gables on June 18, 24, 25, 26 @ 7:30 pm and June 19, 23, 26 @ 2:30 pm.

 The WordPlayers’ Theatre @ MCM
1540 Robinson Rd. @ Middlebrook Pike

All the charm and excitement of L.M. Montgomery’s enduring classic is captured in this dramatization. From Anne’s first encounter with her austere guardian to her thrilling graduation from Queen’s Academy, the play faithfully recreates the memorable events and characters from the brilliant novel. Whether the playgoer is an “old friend” of Anne’s or meeting her for the first time, this play will solidify a lasting friendship between the audience and one of literature’s most unforgettable characters.

Adults – $10, Students/Seniors – $8
Children Under 12 yrs. – $5
[Household family max: $35]


Thursday Tickets: PAY WHAT YOU CAN
Tickets available at the door with cash or check.


Bring a new toy to Anne of Green Gables for a child age 3-13 and receive a free child or student ticket to the show! The toys will be given to children with disabilities and their siblings at Joni and Friends-Knoxville family retreats.
For more information about Joni and Friends, please visit www.joniandfriends.org


Camps!!! A discussion… June 10, 2010

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Knoxmoms had a great list of camps for the summer. What are your favorite camps for kids? Which ones are worth the money?

I don’t consider vacation bible school a camp, or any sort of lessons a camp even though they list them as such on the site. I also don’t consider all summer long “daycare” programs camp. With that said, have you attended Camp Webb or Tate’s Day Camp? Did your kids like it? Who has the best sports camps?  Do your kids enjoy the week-long dance camps? When do you need to sign up to make sure you get a spot?


Bass Pro June 7, 2010

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The nice folks at the Bass Pro Shop have summer crafts and activities Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday all summer long.

There are Bass Pro Shops all over, so this might even be an appropriate vacation activity. Visit their website here to check out times, activities and locations.


Free crafts @ A.C. Moore June 1, 2010

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Every Wednesday, from June 2 through August 25 –13 in all — kids ages four and up can visit any one of A.C. Moore’s (www.acmoore.com) 136 stores, no reservations necessary, from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. and make their own cool, age-appropriate craft and and take it home. And, it’s all FREE, while supplies last.

“We’re committed to families and understand the need to foster creativity in kids, give parents inspiration (and a break) and provide something kids will like,” states Robin Beam, A.C. Moore’s Director of Education. “Our staff is geared up and ready to introduce boys and girls with new products, ideas and fun…no batteries or screens required!”

Planned activities include:

  • June 2, Presto Dots Fun    • June 9, Creative Hands & Pepperell Crazy Critters Pendant    

• June 16, The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Tiaras & Crowns    

• June 23, New Image Group & E.K. Success Design a Button!    

• June 30, Silly Bandz™ Holder    

• July 7, Perler Beads™ Angel of a Fish   

• July 14, Lion Brand & Design Way Yarn-y Stripe-y Pencil    

• July 21, Prism Floss Backpack Zipper Pull    

• July 28, Mega Brands Color Blanks    

• Aug. 4, Bendaroos Under the Sea Creation    

• Aug. 11, Sculpey® Bake Shop Clay™ Apple Surprise Pencil Topper    

• Aug. 18, Giddy Up® Fuzzoodles™ Funky Creature    

• Aug. 25, Alex® Bottle Cap Bonanza


Article about things to do

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Here is a great article from Disney Family about things to do at home and around town for fun and free.

What are some fun things you do for free with your kids? I need to find the sprinkler, bring out the blow-up pool and unpack the squirt guns. I also bought some water balloons for the kids. We will see how that goes.

Have you seen any good deals on bubbles? I made my own last year with mixed results. My daughter’s teacher had fly swatters with their bubbles. The kids loved them. Talk about an inexpensive bubble toy. We have lots of sidewalk chalk. It can entertain kids for a little while.

What are your kids favorite cheap/free things to do outside?